04/13/2013 12:42 EDT | Updated 06/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Odds for lotto win independent of location, BCLC says

Millions of people are planning on quitting their jobs; however, that's only if they win the largest jackpot in Canadian history.

The Lotto 6/49 jackpot Saturday night is expected to be around $55 million — just beating out the $54.29 million jackpot offered in 2005.

- Lotto 6/49 $55M jackpot is largest in Canadian history

Kevin Gass, vice-president of lottery gaming with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, says the top prize is huge, but the odds of winning are not great.

"One in 13.8 million for every ticket that you buy," he said.

In comparison, odds for getting hit by lightning this year is in the range of one in 1 million — though the odds change depending on where you live.

When it comes to individual lotto tickets, BCLC insists the odds are identical for each one, regardless of where the tickets are bought.

"For 6/49, the last three winners, interestingly, have all come from small communities. There was an $11 million winner out of Merritt, and then Squamish and Port Coquitlam each had $3.5 million winners," Gass said.

Bob Erb, a marijuana advocate, bought his $25 million winning ticket in New Hazelton, B.C., last year on the way to his father's funeral. Erb has been sharing his wealth around Terrace ever since.