04/13/2013 01:28 EDT | Updated 04/14/2013 02:17 EDT

'Real Hipsters Of Vancouver' Audition Tapes (VIDEO)


Wannabe reality show The Real Hipsters of Vancouver has received hundreds of audition tapes, but only a select few of Vancouver's indie music-loving population have been brave enough to release their tryouts for all to see.

Aiming to showcase the city's artistic community, the show-in-the-making has drawn interest from all kinds of hipsters, including movie buffs, fashionistas, music writers and even a conceptual artist.

Electronic music writer Taylor Scragg (nickname "T-Scragg") stands out from the bunch. His audition tape is shot in moody black and white -- a nod to early Jim Jarmusch, perhaps -- and he presents himself as a private school graduate who has opted for a more Bohemian life.

After high school he travelled and worked in Europe, then came back to Vancouver to study psychology at the University of British Columbia, he says on tape.

"Social trends, propaganda, all applicable, all stimulating," he says of his studies, in an apathetic manner.

Another standout is Myles Schroeder, a skinny jeans-wearing comic book aficionado who introduces himself with the most surreal version of T-Pain's "Apple Bottom Jeans" you'll ever hear.

But the most bizarre entry comes from "K Zhang," a conceptual artist who does nothing in her video except repeat the words, "I'm a real hipster" -- for two long minutes.

Check out the rest of the audition tapes for The Real Hipsters of Vancouver.

Myles Schroeder: Film and comic book aficionado. Decorates his bathroom with superhero logos and figurines. A Batman mural graces one side of his bedroom, another wall is covered in VHS tapes.

T-Scragg: Psychology student, producer of an electronic dance music website. Enjoys illegal warehouse parties and "dancing until the sun comes up." Drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon.

William Fraser: Philosophy student at Concordia University College of Alberta, snowboarder. Edmonton resident, who pledges to move to Vancouver if he's selected for the show. Thinks that going to university, getting a job and starting a family is "suppressive" to the human condition.

Mishel Bouillet: East Vancouver resident. Owner of clothing line "Daughters and Sons," a vintage fashion company whose clothes are sold in Gastown. Wants to be on the show because she's "one of the people that makes this city worth living in."

K Zhang: London-based conceptual artist who was born in Vancouver. Her art focuses on themes of "displacement, dystopia and consumerism," according to her website. Her audition video repeats the phrase, "I'm a real hipster" so many times the words lose all meaning. Maybe that's the point.

Marika Vandekraats: First-year student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, voted biggest hipster of her 2012 grad class. Focuses include painting, woodblock printing and photography. Lover of David's Tea, which is commercial enough to kick her hipster cred down a notch or two.

Mary Craig Olson: Mother of two kids. Fashion designer with a indie label called, "Clutch Jewels." Also runs a YouTube channel called, "StyleSista." Says she's right for the show because she's "cool and authentic".