04/14/2013 09:51 EDT

Best Travel Photos Of The Week: Anything But Pictures Of The Cold, Please


What a week for travellers in North America. Just when you thought you didn't have to run your itinerary by Old Man Winter, the frosty weather comes back just to remind you that it's still here. But this isn't the kind of forecast that brings the fluffy, white snow that evokes memories of Christmas; it's the freezing, icy rain that you'd expect maybe in March. But in April? Absolutely not.

So to help deal with the flight cancellations and delays that caught some travellers off guard, the theme of this week's travel photo round-up is about the ABCs: anything but the cold. So what kind of travel photos do we have this week? Well, so long as it doesn't have snow, sub-zero temperatures or freezing rain, it's in.

A photo of a family trip to the Bellagio in Las Vegas? Yup. How about a collection of photos of the unique artifacts found in the National Museum of Scotland? Sure thing. And what about a panoramic shots of Paris? If it doesn't remind us of winter, it's in.

Check out the slideshow below to see (and read) about what other Canadians have been up to during their travels this week.

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