04/14/2013 11:16 EDT

Most Expensive House In Vancouver, April 2013 (PHOTOS)


Looking at the calm, bright yellow exterior of Metro Vancouver’s most expensive house, you almost forget about its $28 million price tag – almost.

Built in 2011, this West Vancouver mansion looks just like a European villa complete with seven bedrooms, six designer bathrooms, an ocean-view veranda, plus an indoor/outdoor pool.

There’s also a self-contained nanny quarter for extra help to keep an eye on any kids running around the 2.3 acre estate.

Its eight-figure asking price also qualifies it as Canada’s most expensive house currently on the market for the second month in a row.

Since the property was first listed in January, the mansion has remained unclaimed in the country’s most expensive real estate market.

For most people – unless you’ve just won the $63.4 million Lotto 6/49 jackpot or happened to inherit a large fortune – this West Coast mansion is likely out of reach. It makes for great real estate eye candy, but may not be a pragmatic choice for the average homebuyer with an average income.

Vancouver's real estate market continues to lead the country as the most expensive for average first-time homebuyers, according to data released by the Bank of Montreal last week.

Homebuyers in Vancouver are expected to spend $443,000 on average for their first house, while those prospecting in Toronto are paying nearly $100,000 less.

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