04/15/2013 05:00 EDT | Updated 06/15/2013 05:12 EDT

Beaver takes up residence at Vancouver's Olympic Village

Vancouver's Olympic Village has a new resident beaver that was getting quite a bit of attention on Sunday afternoon napping among the reeds in the sunshine.

Like many other passersby, Amandine Bidgood wondered what drew it to the man-made pond.

"You just don't expect to see it like here where everybody can just look at it and it looks completely unbothered, which is great," said Bidgood.

In the past, beavers have caused problems at ponds in Jericho and Stanley Park, cutting down trees and building dams, but so far the young trees next to Olympic Village pond are intact.

It's not clear whether this beaver has a den.

Beavers are normally most active from dusk to dawn and can be hard to spot, but this new Olympic Village beaver has already been well photographed, popping up on a local blog and YouTube.