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Boston Marathon Bombing: Travel Delays Expected At Logan Airport, Hotels Remain Open

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BOSTON - MARCH 6: A jet takes off from Logan Airport with downtown Boston in the background. New flight paths over some towns south of Boston have residents worried about noise levels. (Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Boston's Logan Airport and some of the city's local hotels continue to remain open following the Boston Marathon bombing. The two explosions that took place Monday afternoon have killed three people and injured 176 more, but the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism says the city is still open, save for one area.

Local police have sectioned off the area around Copley Square, since the area is now considered a crime scene. The area will be "closed off for the foreseeable future," The Boston Police Department told the Telegraph. Nearby, local hotels such as the Fairmont Copley Plaza remain open but, as the Guardian reports, the hotel is only allowing registered guests and staff into the hotel.

Increased security measures are now also in place at hotels and Logan Airport, equalling long lines and delays for guests and travellers. The explosions have also resulted in a trickle-down effect, causing other cities like Los Angeles, New York to beef up security in their hotels and airports, notes the Daily Mail.

Porter Airlines has issued a travel advisory to passengers looking to fly to Boston on Tuesday, warning "longer check-in and security lines at Boston Logan Airport may be experienced." The carrier also advised passengers to call ahead to check the status of their flights.

Air Canada has also issued a travel alert for all flights to and from Boston, citing that "airport facilities constraints" could impact flights. The airline tweeted Tuesday morning that they would be removing fees to change flights for those planning to head to Boston.

As of Tuesday, Canada's federal government hasn't issued any travel advisories against the United States, but has updated their page with information on the explosions.

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