04/16/2013 02:44 EDT | Updated 04/16/2013 02:47 EDT

Calgary Lightning Storm Picture Showcased In NASA Website (PHOTOS)

Larry McNish

An amazing time-lapse photo of a Calgary lightning storm, which gave a sense of a lightning shower, was recently showcased by NASA's Earth Sciences Picture Of the Day website.

The incredible shot was captured by Larry McNish, a member of the Royal Astronomy Society of Canada, who was originally out to capture time-lapse sequence of the Calgary night sky, when an approaching thunderstorm forced him to re-think his plan.

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"However, not wanting to waste the night, I decided to capture the storm's vivid lightning," he sys on the EPOD site.

"Nearly all of this lightning was cloud-to-ground lightning.

"By the way, it's definitely not recommended to stand outside on a hill with a metal tripod and electronic camera gear during a lightning storm -- even a distant one. I stayed in my vehicle while the camera took the shots."

McNish's photo of Calgary amidst a lightning shower, which was showcased on April 3, joins a prestigious collection of photographs from the world over that capture the awe-inspiring, rare and even violent nature of the planet.

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