04/16/2013 03:02 EDT

Coldplay Oxfam: Crowdsourced 'In My Place' Video Fights Land Grabs

A Coldplay concert tends to quickly turn into an audience singalong, essentially crowdsourcing the crooning to create an inspirational, moving moment. The Brit band is now taking that notion to another level with their latest project, a collaboration with Oxfam that pairs an exclusive acoustic version of the group's classic "In My Place" with footage and photos sent in from around the world to raise awareness about landgrabs.

The campaign launched today with a short film assembled by award-winning video director Mat Whitecross from almost 7,000 videos and pic sent by Coldplay fans from 55 countries, ranging from Canada, the U.K., Iceland and Germany to Brazil, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and India.

The idea of the film was "to echo the dislocation and displacement thousands of families experience as a result of land grabs," Oxfam explained in a press release, which notes that governments and private investors regularly buy huge plots of land in the world's poorest nations and then evict those living on it, often violently and without compensation.

The film shows people from Argentina to Indonesia moving something favorite, personal or familiar from their home to somewhere it doesn't belong. Others show people doing something personal and familiar totally out of place, such as actor Dominic Cooper having a nap outside in the freezing city of Budapest and rock band Wolf Gang jamming in the street.

Oh, and everyone's singing along, too, because that's what you do to a Coldplay song.

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