04/16/2013 09:43 EDT | Updated 04/18/2013 10:47 EDT

Stephen Harper, Rob Ford, Naheed Nenshi On BuzzFeed's 'Ridiculous Leaders' List

Finally, an international ranking Canada can own.

No less than three politicians have made the cut in BuzzFeed's '15 Most Ridiculous World Leaders of All Time'.

The list gives the 14th spot to Rob Ford -- offering three reasons (conveniently depicted in animated GIFs) why Toronto's mayor has earned his spot. That would be his football, dancing and avoiding-running-into-things skills. Or lack thereof.

It may be sweet mercy for Ford that BuzzFeed didn't get a chance to soak up his potty-mouth skills.

“Ah f--- man. Holy Christ,” he reportedly said after running into a camera on Tuesday.

You can say that again, Toronto.

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi follows fast on Ford's heels in the 13th position, lauded by BuzzFeed for his tweeting prowess -- acclaim that we happen to heartily agree with.

Nenshi does Twitter good.

In between urging winter motorists to drive carefully, eliciting cute puppy images and powerfully desiring to be on The Amazing Race Canada, Nenshi drops winning tweets on the purpose of a controversial bridge.

When asked what the point of building a costly and controversial bridge in the city was, Nenshi responded:

(@nenshi: 'I think it's to be used to cross the river')

Last but by no mean's least is Ottawa major domo Stephen Harper, who clocks in at a strong #4 on the list.

BuzzFeed doesn't have to offer much more than this:

Err... congratulations?

What do you think? Is BuzzFeed out to lunch? Let us know!

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