04/16/2013 04:17 EDT | Updated 06/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Highlights of Tuesday's Manitoba budget

WINNIPEG, MB, - Highlights of the 2013-14 Manitoba budget tabled Tuesday:

— Provincial sales tax to increase to eight per cent from seven per cent as of July 1.

— Child car seats, bicycle helmets and baby supplies such as diapers and strollers to be exempt from the sales tax.

— Tobacco taxes go up by $1 per package of 25, making Manitoba tobacco taxes the highest in the country.

— An extra $2.8 million in user fees to be collected by charging more for fishing licences, business registrations, veterinary diagnostic tests and more.

— A 2011 election promise to eliminate the school property tax for senior homeowners will begin to be phased in next year.

— Government to proceed with new flood-proofing projects identified in two recent independent reviews. Could cost $1 billion.

— A deficit this year of $518 million; return to balanced budgets by 2017.

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