04/16/2013 06:31 EDT | Updated 06/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Teen Victim Of Bullying Removed From School

A Brampton teenager has been removed from school by her family after becoming the victim of bullying.

Mandi Vammus, 16, says the problems began after she broke up with her boyfriend last November.

She says friends stopped being friends.

"All of a sudden I just wasn't liked anymore," she told CBC News.

Mandi says a group of girls started insulting her at school.

She escaped to the washroom, only to find more insults written on the walls.

The torment continued online. Some of the insults contained threats.

"I felt sick. I can't sleep at night. I don't eat food because I can't go into the [cafeteria], because they're everywhere," she said.

"I was scared that she would do something to herself," said her mother Nichola Vammus.

The Vammus family reported the bullying to the school.

When nothing changed they wrote letters — to the school board, their trustee, their member of Parliament — the police were eventually called in. But, the family says, the bullying continued.

The school suspended some of the students involved and even arranged a meeting with police.

But the family says the bullying continued, anonymously.

Nichola Vammus was outraged.

"What do I say to her? Tell someone, they'll help you, they'll support you? They haven't!"

Her mother wants the students responsible removed from the school. Until that happens, she's decided to remove her daughter.

The school says it can't comment on this specific case, but says it is working on a safety plan making sure no child is ever alone.

The family says police told them there's noting criminal to investigate.

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