04/17/2013 05:47 EDT | Updated 06/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Environment Canada Website Makeover: Conservative 'Economic Action Plan' Logos Featured

OTTAWA - Canadians checking the local weather on the federal government's website may have to squint to see the Environment Canada logo, but they'll get an eyeful of the Conservative "economic action plan."

The government says that the site — weather.gc.ca — has been given "a fresh new look."

The makeover includes removing from the top of the page the name and familiar logo of the federal department that provides the meteorological information on cities and towns across the country.

Except for the interactive main page with its multiple maps, in which "Environment Canada" is embedded in fine print above Iqaluit on the map of Canada, the logo has all but disappeared from the site.

What does appear prominently is a trio of brightly coloured links that promote last month's federal budget, the generic "economic action plan" website, and the Canada Revenue Agency's slogan: Tax Savings Working For You.

Green party Leader Elizabeth May claims the Conservatives are engaged in what she calls an Orwellian exercise that does not bode well for the future of the federal environment department.

But a spokeswoman at Environment Canada says the makeover simply follows new Treasury Board guidelines designed to make web applications more user friendly.

The government did not explain why weather searchers might require links to the "economic action plan," which has been the subject of more than $100 million worth of advertising since the Conservative branding was first used for the 2009 stimulus budget.

May says Canadians who simply want to check the weather are being bombarded with taxpayer-funded Conservative propaganda.

"Is there no end to Conservative gall when it comes to promoting themselves with taxpayers' money?" May asked in a release Wednesday.

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