04/17/2013 02:28 EDT | Updated 06/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Government promises to make up soldiers' pay cut

Some Canadian Forces members in Afghanistan may see a dip in their next paycheque after a cut to soldiers' danger pay came into effect on Monday.

However, the government says that the "Hardship and Risk" allowances for deployed personnel in Afghanistan will be made up in later paycheques, as a committee that recommended a cut to the supplemental pay reconsiders its decision.

"The committee has been asked to re-examine hardship and risk allowances, and the Treasury Board has issued further direction with regards to the implementation of these allowances," said Jay Paxton, spokesman for Defence Minister Peter MacKay, in an email to CBC News.

"Those allowances for deployed personnel in Afghanistan will be maintained at previous levels."

Radio-Canada/CBC reported first last Tuesday that allowances for approximately 930 military members would be cut by about $500 a month after an interministerial panel of civil servants that sets the allowances decided Afghanistan was not as dangerous as it used to be.

The prime minister's office and MacKay's office asked the officials to re-examine the decision.

This about-face on the danger-pay cut for current serving members in Afghanistan is not a permanent fix, according to a government official.

The interministerial committee meets four times a year to evaluate deployed missions and has been asked to come back to the government with other options.