04/17/2013 07:26 EDT | Updated 04/18/2013 09:20 EDT

Rehtaeh Parsons Posters: Family Enraged Over Support For Teen Suspects

Bold, colourful posters are blanketing the streets of Halifax in support of the boys accused of hounding Rehtaeh Parsons to death.

And now, these posters and their message are hounding the family of the girl, who was taken off life support on April 7, just days after she tried to take her own life.

The posters, according to CBC, urge the community to "Stay strong, support the boys."

“It just felt like someone kicked me in the stomach. How dare they do that?” Leah Parsons told Global News.

After Parson's death, her mother Leah wrote on a Facebook memorial page that the 15-year-old student at Cole Harbour District High School, near Halifax, had been the victim of a brutal assault.

The teen claimed she had been raped by four boys who then distributed photos of the incident -- a claim that had reportedly fallen on deaf ears among local authorities.

In a blog on The Huffington Post Canada, her father, Glen Canning added, "My daughter wasn't bullied to death, she was disappointed to death. Disappointed in people she thought she could trust, her school, and the police."

Amid mounting public pressure, and a threat from hacker group Anonymous, the RCMP reopened the Parsons case late last week.

Parson's family couldn't help but encounter the posters. Her stepfather, Jason Barnes told CBC News he spotted them on Wednesday morning, draping telephone poles on his street.

Some of those posters, CTV News reports, were tacked right outside of the family's home in Cole Harbour.

Now, Leah Parsons is using the same memorial page she set up for her daughter to condemn the authors of the posters.

“This is our street, we are mourning our daughter, my children live in this neighbourhood," she wrote. "If you wanted to speak the truth ... why didn't you speak when Rehtaeh was alive ... you push her to suicide then you continue with this bullshit!!! Really???? You have no compassion ... but we knew that already."

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