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Rita MacNeil, 'Trailer Park Boys': Fans Mourn Singer

While the native Cape Bretoner Rita MacNeil may have been best-known for her music, Canadian east coasters also hold a spot in their hearts for the singer's guest-starring role on beloved comedy "Trailer Park Boys."

Appearing as herself, MacNeil starred in an episode in Season 4 of the foul-mouthed show, with the episode aptly titled "Workin' Man," perhaps MacNeil's most popular song.

In the episode, the Trailer Park Boys take MacNeil's tour bus hostage, and she and her band are forced to harvest marijuana at gunpoint. MacNeil and her band literally have to start picking weed from a field.

Some actors from "Trailer Park Boys" -- Jonathan Torrens (J-Roc), Robb Wells (Ricky) and Mike Smith (Bubbles) -- have tweeted their condolences, remembering the singer for being a blast on set. You can see their tweets in the slideshow below. You can also see the full episode and a clip below as well.

MacNeil died at age 68 following complications from surgery.

This has been a rough week so far for "Trailer Park Boys." Another minor cast member, Richard "Phil" Collins, passed away on Monday.

NOTE:These Video Clips Contain Foul Language!

Rita MacNeil on "Trailer Park Boys":

Rita MacNeil on "Trailer Park Boys" -- Full Episode:

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