04/17/2013 03:16 EDT | Updated 04/17/2013 04:57 EDT

Sugar Daddy Capital Of Canada: Vancouver

Happy middle aged couple kneeing on the beach, enjoying their summer holiday together.

If you’re looking for a sugar daddy, Vancouver is your best hunting ground, according to figures just released by, a dating website designed to hook women up with a willing meal ticket.

A 71 per cent increase in sugar daddy registrants over the past year prompted the site to drill down into their data and see where the action was really happening.

Vancouver took top spot, with 3.86 sugar daddies per every 1,000 adult males in town. Toronto came second with 2.9 SDs per 1,000, while Winnipeg came in10th with just 1.06.

Vancouver sugar daddies are also the most generous in Canada, spending an average $4,928 per month on their sugar babies, $600 above the national average.

According to SeekingArrangement, the average sugar daddy in Canada is 38 years old with an annual income around $271,198 - 19 per cent of which is devoted to his baby. Married men make up 31 per cent of those counted, compared to 46 per cent in 2007.

Brandon Wade, founder and CEO, sees the shift towards single men as evidence that being a sugar daddy is no longer the preserve of wealthy, older men: “Rather, it is a lifestyle embodied by single men who have a genuine, vested interest in adding value to their partners’ lives,” he says.

Women prepared to travel for richer pickings might want to head to the U.S., however, where the stats put Atlanta way out in front with 5.98 per 1000. Many young American women-turned-sugar babies are college students looking to pay for their education, The Huffington Post has reported.

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