04/17/2013 17:49 EDT | Updated 06/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Toronto family wants to know why their van caught fire

A Toronto family wants to know why their minivan suddenly caught fire last week during a routine drive to school.

The trouble started on Thursday morning, when Elvina Bujari was driving to a school in her Dodge Grand Caravan with her two children and a neighbour’s child in the back seat.

Smoke seemingly came out of nowhere, which prompted Bujari to abandon the smoking vehicle and walk the children to their school.

The van soon went up in flames.

Elaine Speyer was the person who called 911 to report the vehicle fire.

The fire "scared the heck out of me," said Speyer, who drives the same type of minivan.

Firefighters who attended the scene told Bujari that she got the children out of the vehicle with just moments to spare.

"I'm still shocked, I'm still shocked," Bujari told CBC News in an interview.

The Bujari family attempted to make an insurance claim, but learned that they lost fire coverage when they changed their policy a few years ago.

And because they are not covered, the insurance company will not be conducting an investigation to determine what happened.

When they turned to Chrysler, the family says they were told that it was an insurance matter.

But Chrysler Canada has told CBC News that the matter is now under review.