04/18/2013 04:04 EDT | Updated 06/18/2013 05:12 EDT

Bowmanville, Ontario Urine Bottles Explode, Hurt Dog

BOWMANVILLE, Ont. - Police say they've solved a case involving exploding pop bottles that left a dog injured in a community about 75 kilometres east of Toronto.

Durham regional police say a Bowmanville, Ont., resident walking her dog last weekend was shocked when two plastic pop bottles the dog sniffed suddenly burst.

When the dog sniffed the first two-litre bottle, it created a minor explosion.

A few minutes later, the dog sniffed a similar bottle with the same results and suffered a minor injury to his nose.

Concerned about what was in the bottles, the woman eventually reported the incident to police.

Investigators say the bottles contained urine that underwent a chemical reaction due to warmer weather and sunshine causing pressure to build up so the containers exploded when disturbed.

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