04/18/2013 01:37 EDT

Durex Introduces 'Fundawear' For Long-Distance Partners (VIDEO)


Ever been separated from your sweetheart and longed for their touch?

Well, that can now become a reality as Durex Australia recently released "fundawear," a product that they say allows "touch to be transferred over the Internet."

According to their YouTube channel, Durex Fundawear uses touch technology by placing actuators in the underwear which is then remotely stimulated using an app that can be controlled via mobile phones and computers, therefore replicating the feel of human touch. How... sexy?

Couples hoping to use Fundawear don't have to worry about their undies looking like robots. Bille Whitehouse, a designer for Durex, says in a video that "everyone's who's tried the garment on has said how comfortable they are, how good they feel in them. They are an attractive piece of technology."

So if you want early Christmas gift ideas or if you're missing that special someone, surprise them with vibrating undies!