04/18/2013 11:32 EDT

Gillian Anderson Makes TV Comeback In 'Hannibal': 'X-Files' Star's On-Screen Style (PHOTOS)


The truth is out there: Gillian Anderson is officially making her TV comeback in the much-hyped new TV series, "Hannibal." has the first photo of "The X-Files" actress in a scene from the thrilling new show in which she plays a therapist whose patient is a cannibal serial killer.

Now that's a show worth watching!

Gillian is known for playing characters with memorable wardrobes; from Dana Scully's power suits to "Bleak House's" Lady Dedlock's corseted gowns, the 44-year-old has worn her share of iconic clothes.

If the "Hannibal" photo, in which she wears a sexy pink blouse, is any indication, we're in for more eye-catching looks from the gorgeous redhead.

Check out Gillian's most memorable on-screen outfits:

Gillian Anderson's On-Screen Style