04/18/2013 02:25 EDT | Updated 05/15/2013 10:45 EDT

Junos 2013: Best Music From And About Saskatchewan Ever (VIDEOS)

Oh, Canada. How nice and democratic you are. Other nations have their big music award shows in their biggest or most glamourous city. But instead of basing the Juno Awards in, say, Toronto, Montreal or even St. John's, NF (seriously, they throw the best parties out there on The Rock), organizers rotate the location each year. Hopeful cities bid to host the Juno Week of festivities, which has grown to include concerts, autograph sessions, an art exhibition and a hockey tournament. It's kind of like the Olympics, only with less drug testing.

This year's winning host city is Regina, Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is better known more for Regina's own football team the Roughriders and the RCMP than rock ‘n' roll. But some of the country's most beloved music artists, from Buffy Sainte-Marie and Joni Mitchell to The Sheepdogs, have called it home.

So in an effort to drum up some hometown-slash-provincial pride in advance of this year's Junos, here's a timeline of notable moments in the history of music from and about Saskatchewan.