04/18/2013 09:10 EDT | Updated 06/18/2013 05:12 EDT

Lisa Kirkman, Medical Marijuana Patient, Fights To Use Vaporizer On SAIT Campus


CALGARY -- A post-secondary student in Calgary is raising some questions about whether she should be allowed to take her medication at school.

Lisa Kirkman studies journalism at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) and suffers from severe chronic pain and a blood disorder.

Kirkman manages her condition with the aid of medical marijuana, which she takes through a vaporizer.

The vaporizer produces an odour and makes a slight noise -- and has caught the attention of school officials.

Kirkman says she's been told that SAIT may ask her not to use the vaporizer within any of its buildings.

SAIT says no decisions have been made.

"This is a unique situation and we are reviewing our options to ensure that SAIT meets all of its legal obligations to both groups,'' the school said in a statement.

Kirkman said the situation isn't ideal for her either.

"Obviously, if I could just pop some Ibuprofen, I would do that,'' she said. "I would prefer to just be able to go to school and not have anyone know that I have any health issues a and just carry on.''

Kirkman suggests one solution could be a designated area where she could use her vaporizer without disrupting other students.

Her medical permit also allows her to smoke marijuana in designated areas, but she says she would prefer to use the vaporizer.

(Global Calgary)

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