04/20/2013 11:27 EDT | Updated 04/23/2013 12:37 EDT

Grizzly Bear In Banff National Park Plays In The Spring Snow (VIDEO)

He's adorable, cute, seemingly cuddly and lethal.

Frolicking in the snow after a long winter's nap, a video released earlier this week by Parks Canada of a grizzly bear in spring is getting plenty of attention on social media.

Although vehicular traffic on a highway in Banff National Park can be heard on the video, the bear seems completely immersed in his own world, as he wholeheartedly tumbles in the snow, paws at the white stuff and rolls on his back.

After nearly a minute of bear playtime, the bruin gets on his hind legs and stares directly into the videographer's lens. In an instant, the formidable predator whisks the viewer back into reality with an awe-inspiring reminder of why grizzlies are the mountains' apex predator.

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Alberta Grizzly Bears In The Rockies

But what is undoubtedly an adoring portrayal of a young bear in a moment of complete abandon, is also a good reminder that, starting now, those wandering into the Canadian Rockies have to be conscious of the possible danger inherent in a bear-human encounter, Parks Canada said.

"We recommend that visitors brush up on their bear awareness this time of year by spending some time on our bear management web pages, particularly the Bears and People brochure," says parks spokesman Omar McDadi.

The brochure can be found here:

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