04/19/2013 04:22 EDT | Updated 04/19/2013 04:44 EDT

Michael Bublé: Juno Awards Host Says 'There'll Be People Who Can't Stand Me' (VIDEO)

If Michael Bublé gets a little risque while hosting the 42nd Juno Awards this Sunday, April 21 in Regina, SK, don't say you weren't forewarned.

After all, this is the man who announced he was hosting the Canadian awards show with a video of himself in the middle of a threesome sandwich with Chavril, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger.

To hear Bublé tell it, though, he's just a working guy trying to maintain a standard set by previous Juno hosts.

"Truth is I'm a traffic cop for a lot of it," says Bublé in a Canadian Press video. "And it's a huge honour. I look back at the hosts of these last few years, I thought Russell did a great job, Russell Peters, I thought Drake was incredible, I really did, he blew me away, Shatner was weird and quirky and I thought was good, too.

"So I've got big shoes to fill."

The crooner says he's got some jokes lined up for the show. And if they bomb in certain quarters he's prepared for that, too.

"No matter how good I do or how funny it is there'll be people who can't stand me."

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