04/19/2013 07:30 EDT | Updated 06/19/2013 05:12 EDT

No conflict involved in renovations at B.C. MLA's office: commissioner

VERNON, B.C. - B.C. Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser has once again dismissed a complaint against Vernon Liberal MLA Eric Foster involving his constituency office.

The Conservatives asked Fraser to review his earlier ruling that found Foster was not in a conflict over his office, which is owned by the family of Foster's assistant and had $250,000 in renovations paid for with taxpayers funds.

Following a review by Auditor General John Doyle, Foster was forced to pay back $67,000 of that money.

After Fraser's initial investigation cleared Foster of any conflict, the Conservatives asked him to look again, but Fraser says there's no new information and the case is closed.

Conservative candidate Scott Anderson says he's still not satisfied and it will be up to the voters to pass judgment on Foster in the May 14 provincial election.

Foster says he hopes Fraser's decision ends the matter once and for all. (CKIZ)