04/22/2013 07:43 EDT | Updated 06/22/2013 05:12 EDT

2014 trial date set for former Quebec Lt.-Gov. charged with fraud

The trial for former Quebec Lt.-Gov. Lise Thibault has been scheduled for next spring, but if the defence gets its way, the charges against Lise Thibeault could be dismissed before she gets her time in court.

On Monday, Thibault’s court date was set for March 24, 2014. Thibault is accused of misspending public money during the decade she was in office. She has pleaded not guilty to two counts each of breach of trust, fraud and creating false or counterfeit documents.

But before her trial even begins, Thibault's defence is asking the Supreme Court to hear arguments that the case should be dismissed.

Laywer Marc Labelle tried to invoke the same royal privilege argument last summer to prevent the charges from being laid against Thibeault, but the court rejected his argument and ordered a trial.

At the time, the Quebec Superior Court ruled that it would be up to the judge presiding over the trial to determine whether the royal immunity argument was valid.

If the Supreme Court decides not to hear Labelle's case on the issue of immunity, the trial will be returned to the trial judge.

Lise Thibault says she is anxious for the case to proceed.

“She felt liberated because she will have her day in court unless the Supreme Court decides there is an immunity,” Labelle said.

He says he expects the Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear his immunity arguments in the next month or two.