04/22/2013 09:01 EDT | Updated 06/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec family found electrical problem before fatal fire

The tenants of a Thurso, Que., home destroyed by an electrical fire had complained of an electrical problem weeks before the fire, according to one tenant and former spouses, each a parent of a young girl who died in the fire.

Eight people were inside the Lacroix Street home in Thurso, about 45 kilometres east of the Ottawa-Gatineau region, when the fire started early in the morning of April 17.

Rebecca Leger, 8, and Amanda Price, 3, were unable to escape, while four other children and two adults suffered injuries, ranging from minor to critical.

The couple who lived at the home, Natashas Fortin and Martin Leger, were discharged from hospital Saturday, but a 12-year-old girl remained in hospital with severe burns.

Three other children, including a six-month-old baby and the 12-year-old's friend, Anouck Robineau, have been released from hospital.

Electrical panel blamed for fire

Investigators from Quebec provincial police have said the electrical panel in the basement caused the fire.

Radio-Canada has also learned the family complained of an electrical problem multiple times just weeks before the fire.

Jason Price, Fortin's ex-spouse and Amanda's father, is a former electrician. He said, in French, another electrician had visited the home a couple weeks before the fire.

Martin Leger, speaking over the phone on Sunday, also said he informed the homeowner of an electrical problem on March 28 and 30.

It is not clear if the same electrical issue caused the fire. Fire investigators could not say that.

Alarm bells still ring for Sandra Letang, Leger's ex-spouse and Rebecca's mother, however. Letang said, also in French, that she remains in shock not knowing if her daughter could have been saved.

The homeowner was not available for comment.

Over the weekend, the community of Thurso held fundraisers to raise money for the family, which included children of both Fortin and Leger, and more fundraisers are planned.