04/23/2013 02:01 EDT | Updated 04/21/2014 03:59 EDT

B.C. Students Face Tough Summer Job Market

A B.C. economist says it will be a tough summer for students looking for work, with youth unemployment higher than it was four years ago.

“The overall economy is still pretty sluggish right now,” said Bryan Yu with Central One Credit Union.

“There's uncertainty on the part of businesses. As a result, they're not hiring and for businesses that are hiring, they may be looking for more seasoned veterans in the workforce that have the experience necessary for the positions.”

Yu says it is especially difficult to find work in retail and customer service, but there is still seasonal work to be found in the resource sector.

“The areas which typically hire more students — retail, accommodations, food services — we're expecting that to be a relatively weak market,” Yu said.

Yu's advice to students looking for work is not to be picky, and take what they can get, even if means being willing to travel.

“You also have the resource sector, which typically means you have to go north,” he added.