04/23/2013 04:09 EDT

Calgary Zoo Puts Annual Report On Instagram And It Is Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Calgary Zoo

What happens when an organization tries to buck the bulky paper and find a more creative and environmentally-friendly way to present their annual report? You get a gorgeous report in the form of online photos, of course.

The Calgary Zoo released their annual report to Instagram this week, using quirky and fun photos to illustrate report findings.

The pictures posted include creative shots of zoo animals, visitors enjoying the facilities and photo illustrations using props like toys, maps and origami. Alongside are captions to detail the report.

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According to Trigger, the marketing firm that pitched the idea, zoo officials "loved the paperless solution" and approved the visual project within minutes.

On their blog, Trigger says this is the first annual report to be released via Instagram.

Highlights in the beautiful report include the opening of the Penguin Plunge exhibit, the arrival of two new tiger cubs, a record year for sales revenue and countless public events and training programs.

Check out highlights from the annual report below and be sure to see the whole thing here or by searching for @CalgaryZoo2012AR on Instagram.