04/23/2013 02:27 EDT | Updated 04/23/2013 05:40 EDT

Rob Ford Camera Smash Mocked In Workopolis Ad (PHOTO)

It seems Toronto Mayor Rob Ford keeps walking face-first into mockery after his infamous collision with a TV cameraman.

Workopolis, the popular career website owned by the parent company of the Toronto Star, has unveiled a new ad making light of the moment.

The image shows the portly civic leader smashing his face into a lens, with the caption: “Painful career moves are sometimes hard to avoid.”

You can see a copy of the ad, which was tweeted out by Workopolis last week, below.

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Ford’s gaffe became fodder for U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel last week, who delighted in showing the clip in slow-motion.

“It’s alright, he has free health care, it'll be fine,” Kimmel joked.

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The controversial mayor is seemingly always finding himself either in hot water or as the butt of the joke, even when his intentions are noble.

On Sunday, Ford ruffled feathers and was mocked on Twitter after he offered on his radio show to "explain how politics works" to any women interested in running for public office.

While some might think the ad is a bit mean-spirited, others are bound to get a chuckle.

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