04/24/2013 02:30 EDT | Updated 06/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Speeders On Edmonton Streets Face Police Crackdown, As Police Post Insane Speeds (PHOTOS)


Edmonton police are cracking down on speeders after a number of drivers were clocked at "alarming" speeds in recent weeks.

According to CTV Edmonton, police caught one BMW driver travelling at 216 km/h on the Anthony Henday Drive, while another driver was caught racing 120 km/h through the downtown core - which is a 50 km/h zone.

Additionally, a Grande Prairie man was charged last week after taking a corner at nearly 200 km/h.

“People who choose to ignore posted speed limits risk receiving hefty fines, demerits, or the suspension of their driver’s license,” Acting Staff Sgt. Gary Lamont with the EPS Traffic Section said in a press release. “What people fail to realize is that their reckless behaviour could one day end up taking a life, possibly their own.”

In an attempt to curb speed demons, the Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety is posting photos of the worst offenders.

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“It just boggles my mind, to be honest, that these folks are out there risking their own lives and that of others,” Acting Staff Sgt. Gary Lamont of the EPS Traffic Section told Metro Edmonton.

According to the Edmonton Journal, police issued more than 7,600 speeding tickets in the first three months of this year - a "big number" according to Lamont.

Police told the Journal it's not just the speeders who are hazardous, however. Photos taken by police cameras show motorcylists riding with no hands on the handlebars, drivers without seatbelts and people talking and texting on their cell phones behind the wheel.