04/24/2013 12:19 EDT | Updated 04/30/2013 11:19 EDT

Men's Lingerie: HommeMystere Offers Frilly Thongs, Padded Bras (VIDEO)

Ladies and gentlemen, it's now your turn to shower your guy with bras and panties.

HommeMystere, a company which designs and sells lingerie exclusively for men, can help you select the perfect undergarment for your man whether it be a padded bra, a polka-dot camisole or a frilly lace thong. Panty party!

The Australian company's website states that they put great care in the quality and detail of their lingerie saying, "Comfortable mens panties that really do fit, bra straps that don't fall off the shoulder, teddies that don't 'ride up' half way through the night and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear."

Although HommeMystere is not new, it recently made headlines thanks to a video of a recent runway show which featured toned men strutting their stuff in naughty negligees.

So whether your preference is a "Forget-Me-Not" panty or a deep purple crotchless panty, HommeMystere has you covered. (Hey, at least their underwear is more attractive-looking than this one-sided thong.)

Check out the video of their latest runway show: