04/24/2013 02:39 EDT | Updated 06/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Lotto 6/49 Prize: $1 Million Winner Guaranteed Each Draw


TORONTO - The odds of becoming a millionaire will improve this fall for Canadians who play Lotto 6/49, the national lottery organization said Wednesday.

A new $1 million prize is being introduced for Lotto 6/49, with a guaranteed winner at each draw, the Interprovincial Lottery Corp. said in a statement issued by Ontario's lottery agency.

It's one of a handful of changes the organization said will take effect Sept. 15, with the first draw planned for Sept. 18.

Others include jackpots that start at $5 million and new free play prizes that can be won by matching just two numbers out of six.

To offset the cost of the guaranteed $1 million prize, the corporation is raising the price of each play by $1 to $3.

But it said the changes are worth the extra cost because the odds of winning any prize will jump from one in 32.3 to one in 6.6 — nearly five times more.

"These changes will make Lotto 6/49 better than ever while still being the game that Canadians have been playing since 1982," ILC president and OLG senior vice-president Greg McKenzie said in a statement.

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