04/25/2013 05:24 EDT | Updated 06/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Kelowna Radio Anchor Pulled From Air For B.C. Liberal Ties


A radio news anchor in Kelowna was pulled from the air today after her managers found out she was volunteering as a communications person for the local B.C. Liberal candidate.

AM 1150's local anchor and reporter Wendy McLeod admitted she was also doing communications for Kelowna–Lake Country candidate, Norm Letnick.

"I'm just writing a couple of press releases for them whenever they needed a hand," said McLeod, who didn't appear to think it was a conflict of interest.

"I'm not associating myself in any way with the radio station," she told CBC News.

But when asked directly if being a news anchor and the communications person for one of the local candidates might make her appear biased, her response was less direct.

"Um... I'm sorry, who is this again?" said McLeod.

Less than an hour later the radio station's management pulled McLeod from the air, confirmed group brand director at AM 1150 Mark Burley.

"Well, we knew she was volunteering. We didn't know in what capacity. It wasn't until we found out today she was in communications," said Burley.

But Langara College journalism professor Ross Howard says McLeod was clearly in a conflict of interest.

"I would've thought that this was absolutely clear ... this is a no no in professional journalism... it's absolutely unacceptable," he told CBC News.

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