04/29/2013 01:45 EDT | Updated 04/29/2013 07:17 EDT

Mischa Popoff, Fired BC Conservative Candidate, Defends Himself (VIDEO)

A fired BC Conservative candidate has taken to the Internet to reclaim his name after the party dropped him as a candidate over comments he made about single mothers.

Mischa Popoff, who until last week was the Conservative candidate in Boundary-Similkameen, posted a video to YouTube in an attempt to explain himself after the Tories dropped him for criticizing single moms who raised kids "without a man by their side."

"Hey, you ever feel like you're being bullied? People in Boundary-Similkameen sure feel that way," Popoff asks, with a bull by his side.

Popoff says he is still running as an independent candidate, before going off on a three-minute rant about a number of candidates who have been kicked out of their positions in the riding. Among others, he mentions John Slater, a now-independent MLA who quit the BC Liberals after failing to win the party's nomination in this election.

Popoff goes on in an to attempt to clarify his comments about single mothers and the missing women inquiry, saying that, "If John Cummins wants to pretend that I'm insensitive of women, just because I said that we should discourage single motherhood and encourage kids to be raised in families, well he's got another thing coming."

But the former Tory candidate doesn't just make his case on YouTube. Popoff also posted several comments on The Huffington Post B.C. in response to a story about his firing.

"Doesn't anyone want to know what I actually wrote in my columns?" he wrote on April 26. "I never knew it was insensitive and disrespectful to try to make people think."

Popoff was one of four candidates the Conservatives lost last week.

Earlier in the week Jeff Sprague stepped down from his candidacy over an "unfortunate personal incident."

Other candidates who were forced to step down included Ian Tootill, who was running in Vancouver-False Creek, until it emerged that he made controversial comments about Adolf Hitler on Twitter.

On Sunday the party dropped Ron Herbert as the candidate in Vancouver-West End after it was revealed he called Liberal Leader Christy Clark a "bitch" on Twitter.

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