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Sloan Go Punk: Can-Rock Icons To Release A Hardcore Record

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(12/14/04)-TORONTO-The rock band Sloan, for A&E 'Bright Lights'year ender series.(Simo Hayter/Toronto Star) (Photo by Simon Hayter/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Hardcore fans of Sloan will enjoy news the band's releasing a limited edition 7" vinyl single "Hardcore Package" that also includes a covers album of classic hardcore punk songs.

According to the band's official site, the package includes the vinyl single with two new songs entitled "Jenny" and "It's In You, It's In Me." Meanwhile, perhaps the big score is a bonus digital download featuring "songs of the bands that were soundtrack to Sloan's youth" and date from 1978 to 1984.

The album is led by three Angry Samoans covers ("Gas Chamber," "Gimme Sopor" and "Hot Cars") along with two from 7 Seconds ("Bully" and "This Is The Angry"). Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Black Flag, Circle Jerks and The Descendents are also covered on the album.

"We recorded it actually a while ago," singer Chris Murphy says of the vinyl in a YouTube clip. "My song 'Jenny' I wrote in 1988 or something and recorded it in 2009."

The other song Patrick Pentland wrote and "took about two years or a year and a half to come up with the lyrics for it as you do with hardcore punk."

The "Hardcore Package" also includes a "Sloan Circa 1985" t-shirt with each of the four members included on the front.

The single goes on sale tomorrow at noon Eastern through the band's site and both songs can be heard on the band's site.

Sloan are currently off the road from touring behind their latest studio album "The Double Cross." The group are slated to play the CBC Music Festival next month at Toronto's Echo Beach alongside Sam Roberts Band, Kathleen Edwards and others.

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