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Chris Hadfield: Vomit Is A Bit Of An Issue In Space (VIDEO)

When a lot of people think about going to space they feel something roughly equivalent to the sensation of drinking 20 tequila shots -- profound nausea.

People who actually go to space, such as ISS commander Chris Hadfield, feel the same thing but for different reasons. The urge to vomit comes not from fear, but from the disorienting sensation of feeling your lunch floating around inside you.

That means astronauts have to be ready to puke at a moment's notice. And, predictably, NASA has come up with a high-tech solution. Chris Hadfield explains exactly how it works in a video you can watch above.

Also of note in the video, evidence that Hadfield has become quite the expert on how to manoeuvre a microphone in zero gravity. The Canadian astronaut releases the mic and lets it float in front of him, talking all the while, and then snatches it back when it floats too far away, also without missing a beat.

He certainly is a man of many talents. Check out some of Hadfield's best photography from orbit in the gallery below.

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