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Best Restaurants In Canada:'s 50 Best Places To Eat

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Montreal's Joe Beef is already a Canadian favourite of international culinary superstars like Anthony Bourdain and David Chang, and now locals agree. The Little Burgundy restaurant, owned by chefs David McMillan and Frédéric Morin — is this year's top Canadian pick in's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Moving into the number two spot is Cambridge, Ont.'s Langdon Hall, followed by Vancouver's Vij's, Ottawa's Atelier, and Calgary's CHARCUT Roast House that round out the top five.

The list launched last year, when it led with Vij's as the No. 1 restaurant in the country.

Despite many restaurants on the list from Ontario and Quebec, the Western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia also had a strong showing this year. And in fact, Montreal, known for being a great food city, had fewer restaurants on the list than Calgary. Not so surprisingly, Toronto — Canada's biggest city — had the most entries.

"What the results show is more evidence of the economic and cultural might of the West. The fact that Calgary has finished ahead of Montreal in this survey — which included thousands of votes from the public — is sure to shock many observers of Canada's culinary scene," says's managing editor Adrian Brijbassi. "With Canadians making more than 17 million visits a day to restaurants and food service businesses [this guide] will definitely be a useful resource for all of us."

The list was finalized through a voting process with 34 judges distributing 100 points between five to 10 different restaurants in Canada, with a total of 425 food entries this year. Judges included Raymonds Restaurant's Jeremy Charles, Rogue's Paul Rogalski and Relais & Chateaux's Sonora Resort's Terry Pichor.

Earlier this week, Restaurant Magazine's World's 50 Best Restaurants list revealed the most impressive food experiences in the world, with not a single entry from Canada.

But this doesn't mean our vast country doesn't have a lot to offer beyond poutine and Maple syrup.

Here are the top 20 best restaurants in Canada, according to To see the full list of the 50 top restaurants, click here.

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20. Chives Canadian Bistro

Chives Canadian Bistro

LOCATION: Halifax. N.S.

LOOK OUT FOR: Spiced Nova Scotia lamb, duck charcuterie and Cape Breton snow crab

19. Edulis, Toronto, Ontario


LOCATION: Toronto, Ont.

LOOK OUT FOR: Marinated black trumpets, rib steak and cheese plates!

18. Chantecler


LOCATION: Toronto, Ont.

LOOK OUT FOR: Fish wraps, beef tartare and spicy popcorn chicken

17. Muse


LOCATION: Calgary, Alta

LOOK OUT FOR: Foie Gras Torchon, flat iron steak and the chocolate course

16. Mono Cliffs Inn

Mono Cliffs Inn

LOCATION: Mono Centre, Ont

LOOK OUT FOR: Fallow deer, Australian lamb and seafood plates

15. Toqué


LOCATION: Montreal, Que.

LOOK OUT FOR: Razor clams, Atlantic halibut, strawberry soufflé

14. Ruby Watchco

Ruby Watchco

LOCATION: Toronto, Ont

LOOK OUT FOR: Canadian artisanal cheeses, shrimp cocktails, chef's specials

13. Pastaga


LOCATION: Montreal, Que.

LOOK OUT FOR: Kenogami, plate of cakes and oysters

12. Hawksworth


LOCATION: Vancouver, B.C.

LOOK OUT FOR: Octopus ceviche, tandoori grilled sturgeon and bacon wrapped rabbit loin

11. Rouge


LOCATION: Calgary, Atla

LOOK OUT FOR: Seared Artic char, pasta of the day and Rouge Nanaimo bars

10. Raymonds


LOCATION: St. John's, N.L.

LOOK OUT FOR: Lobster salad, fresh hand crafted pastas and rack of lamb

9. Canoe


LOCATION: Toronto, Ont

LOOK OUT FOR: Sustainable blue char, maple torched B.C. salmon and pressed black silkie chicken

8. Les 400 Coups

Les 400 Coups

LOCATION: Montreal, Que.

LOOK OUT FOR: Black pudding croquette, wild seabass, homemade bresaola

7. Model Milk

Model Milk

LOCATION: Calgary, Alta

LOOK OUT FOR: Wild pacific cod, duck confit and rabbit salad

6. Acadia Restaurant & Bar

Acadia Restaurant & Bar

LOCATION: Toronto, Ont

LOOK OUT FOR: Quail ballotine, slow roasted pork loin, ricotta dumpling

5. CHARCUT Roast House

CHARCUT Roast House

LOCATION: Calgary, Alta

LOOK OUT FOR: Spit-roasted spring creek prime rib sandwich, warm cookies and pig head mortadella and brassica mustard

4. Atelier


LOCATION: Ottawa, Ont

LOOK OUT FOR: Sample menu for $110

3. Vij's


LOCATION: Vancouver, B.C.

LOOK OUT FOR: Grilled coconut kale, braised beef and spicy goat

2. Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall Hotel & Spa

LOCATION: Cambridge, Ont

LOOK OUT FOR: Nova Scotia lobster, lingonberry meringue and veal tartar

1. Joe Beef

Joe Beef

LOCATION: Montreal, Que.

LOOK OUT FOR: Foie gras double down, lobster spaghetti and pulled pork.