05/01/2013 10:56 EDT

Carey Mulligan's Harper's Bazaar UK Cover: 'Great Gatsby' Actress Is Ethereal In Prada (PHOTOS)

There are many reasons to be jealous of Carey Mulligan; the "Great Gatsby" actress is talented, beautiful, smart, down-to-earth and has a cute new husband, Mumford & Sons frontman, Marcus Mumford.

But the English rose, who has an ethereal look on the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK's June 2013 issue, is hard to hate.

The 27-year-old pixie was styled for two Harper's Bazaar covers in which she wears a dusty rose Prada jacket with embellished flowers and her hair in a puffy bouffant surrounded by cherry blossoms (and not a twig out of place!)

The cover is a big contrast from Mulligan's May 2013 Vogue cover, in which she was styled in 1920s-inspired garb.

We're excited to finally see the angelic "Shame" star play "Gatsby's" Daisy Buchanan. Carey told The Telegraph that her audition for the part wasn't easy. "I was like, why am I here? It was really scary," she said. "Then we started playing scenes and Leo (DiCaprio) was playing Gatsby but he was also playing Tom Buchanan, because although we had all those cameras we had no other actors. So he'd be sitting down being Gatsby and then he'd jump up and stand behind the camera and be Tom. It was amazing."

If only every actress could be as cool and stylish (see her amazing Victoria Beckham tuxedo cape) as Carey.

carey mulligan

carey mulligan