05/01/2013 09:54 EDT | Updated 05/01/2013 10:14 EDT

Saskatoon Mom Allegedly Put Baby In Garbage, Pleads Guilty To Death Related Charges

SASKATOON - A Saskatoon woman accused of putting her dead newborn in a garbage container has pleaded guilty to not obtaining assistance in child birth.

The woman, who was 17 at the time, has also admitted she concealed the child's body after she delivered in her home on the Thanksgiving weekend in October 2010. Police believe the baby girl died after she was born.

Investigators questioned the mother and learned she had placed the baby in a trash bin, which was picked up by a garbage crew and taken to the landfill.

Officers with dogs searched the dump for a week, but the body was never found. The search area was the size of a football field and between one and two metres deep.

Police laid charges in March after getting new information and advice from the Crown.

The woman, who is now 19, cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act because she was underage when the baby was born.

The woman is to be sentenced June 26 in youth court where the charges carry a maximum of seven years in prison.

"The court's cognizant of the adult sentences and the serious nature of the offences, but sentencing in youth court is somewhat different," defence lawyer Leslie Sullivan said outside court Wednesday.

Sullivan said it's been a difficult time for the woman and her family.

"But she was ready to come to court ... and prepared and was able to get through that."

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