05/01/2013 04:24 EDT | Updated 07/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Polar Bears Visit St. Lunaire-Griquet

RCMP and wildlife officials are trying to figure out how to deal with two young polar bears that strolled into the Northern Pensinsula community of St. Lunaire-Griquet Wednesday morning.

Officials estimate the animals are about two to three years old, and weigh between 100 and 125 kilograms.

"They've just been roaming around, keeping to themselves," said Tammy Hillier, a resident of St. Lunaire-Griquet who had been watching the animals from inside her house.

Later Wednesday, she said one bear was sleeping, and the other was relaxing and just looking around.

Hillier said she was not worried about them, even though polar bears can be aggressive toward humans.

"For me, personally, it was a great experience, because how often do you get to see two polar bears in your backyard?"

The animals have been known to hitch rides on ice floes that drift south from the coast of Labrador. And occasionally, they wind up disembarking on the coast of Newfoundland.

Wildlife officials and the RCMP are trying to ensure public safety by keeping people away from the bears.

They've considering tranquilizing the bears, or scaring them away with a helicopter which is en route to the area.

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