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'Big Brother Canada's Jillian Wins After Topaz Vote Mishap

Fans sat in shock at the "Big Brother Canada" finale as Jillian took home the top spot over fan favourite Gary in the inaugural season of the reality show. The audience was absolutely deflated after a voting mishap by jury member Topaz. Live and jovial, the crowd was buzzing, but after the voting, the confetti fell, and it was nearly silent in the studio.

Since the end of the finale aired, the terms #BBCan, Topaz and Jillian have been trending on Twitter in Canada.

For the final vote, the jury members are supposed to vote for who they want to win, not who they want eliminated (as are the rules for all other votes). Topaz, who very clearly wanted to vote for Gary, instead submitted a vote for Jillian. After host Arisa Cox proclaimed that Topaz voted "Jillian," Topaz stood up, and yelled out, "No, no, no. Um ... no, I didn't!"

The audience gasped audibly at Cox's proclamation, and Topaz actually got up from her chair, stepped out of the enclosed jury pen and confronted the host, insisting that someone switched it or read it wrong. The audience began to chant, "Switch it! Switch it! Switch it!" and "Gary! Gary! Gary!" The show quickly cut to commercial.

Arisa Cox left the studio and emerged about five to 10 minutes later, but the show went on. The votes were not switched, and Topaz's vote counted towards Jillian's victory -- the New Glasgow, Nova Scotia native won with a 4-3 jury vote.

After spending 71 days in the "Big Brother Canada" house, Jillian emerged victorious as the first-ever "Big Brother Canada" winner.

This vote snafu is just the latest controversy this season -- "Big Brother Canada" has been fraught with twists and turns, including live feeds crashing, alleged cheating scandals and the bringing back of a contestant after he was eliminated.

The final three, Emmett, Jillian and Gary, certainly fought to the last minute. Here's hoping that next season provides the same level of excitement. We'll be there to cover it for you again.

What do you think about this final vote controversy?

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