05/02/2013 21:05 EDT | Updated 07/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Justin Trudeau aims to drum up Liberal support in Prairies

Federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau stopped in Winnipeg Thursday to garner support for his beleaguered party.

Trudeau stopped at Sisler High School and then later at a downtown food court to greet supporters.

Winnipegger Lindsay Smith was in attendance at the second appearance and said Trudeau has revived her support for the Liberals.

“Now that we got Justin Trudeau back in the Liberal party, it’s going to be fantastic,” said Smith.

Thursday’s stop was the first time Trudeau has been in Winnipeg since he was elected leader of the Liberals in April. Before that, Trudeau was in town on his leadership run.

Trudeau is in the middle of a Canadian tour, trying to amp up support after his party lost a number of seats in the last federal election.

“It is absolutely essential that I try and draw people back into the political process,” said Trudeau.

Kelly Romas said she isn’t a Liberal supporter but is willing to give Trudeau a chance because she’s unhappy with the alternatives.

She said she came out to the event to “see what he has to offer because we’re not very happy with the Conservative government.”

The Liberals hold only one seat in Manitoba, and University of Winnipeg politics professor Shannon Sampert thinks it’ll take some time to build up his support in the province.

“He has to come across as more than just a Justin Bieber or the politics of celebrity and instead a thinking statesman who has something to say and policy that can provide a good alternative,” said Sampert.

She said it could be difficult for Trudeau to step out of his father’s shadow.

Trudeau is headed to Alberta next.