05/02/2013 11:37 EDT | Updated 05/02/2013 11:52 EDT

Kristopher David Barwell Puppy Beating: Edmonton Man Pleads Guilty To Horrific Animal Abuse (PHOTOS)

Edmonton Humane Society

EDMONTON - A 20-year-old man has pleaded guilty in the brutal beating of a puppy.

Crown prosecutor Christian Lim says he will be asking for jail time for Kristopher David Barwell, who pleaded guilty to causing injury, wounding or maiming an animal.

Court was told neighbours witnessed Barwell pinning the border collie puppy named Zeus to the ground and punching him "with extreme force."

When veterinarians first saw the dog, they thought he might not survive.

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Kaden's Road To Recovery

Both his hips were broken, he had wounds all over his body that were infested with maggots, and two bullets were found in his thigh and his tail.

The dog underwent extensive surgery, including two artificial hips, and has been renamed Kaden, which roughly translates to "warrior."

Barwell's former neighbours, Stephen and Yvonne Scott, testified they witnessed the beating and were so traumatized they had to move away from the area.

"I can't imagine what any animal or person could do to deserve to be treated that way,'' Yvonne Scott said. "The impact of the beating that I saw, I'm sure would have broken my bones, and I'm over 100 pounds larger than the puppy was at the time.''

As for sentencing, before a date is set a psychological report on the accused will be completed, and those affected by the abuse will write victim impact statements to be submitted in court.