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New Zealand Baby Name Ban: Country Bans Justice, 4Real, Christ, Anal And More

the crying boy  on  white...
the crying boy on white...

In New Zealand, you can't name your baby 4Real — for real.

The country's Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has specifically banned parents from naming their kids monikers such as Duke, Princess, Christ and * (asterisk symbol), because they were either offensive, too long or resembled someone's title.

And if those names weren't ridiculous enough, one-letter names like J, T, I, E, V, G, and M (although we like the sound of Jay, Vee or Tee) have also been banned.

But New Zealand isn't the country to ban infant names: Anus is off limits as a name in Denmark, Akuma (meaning devil) in nixed in Japan and @ is banned in China, according to Yahoo! News.

Earlier this year, a 15-year-old girl named Blaer sued Iceland's government for the right to legally use the name given to her by her mother. Her name, which means light breeze, is not on Iceland's official approved name list.

Would you ever name your baby any of these weird options? Let us know in the comments below. Also check out the top 15 banned named in New Zealand and the full list below, including the number of times the name has shown up in registries since 2001.

New Zeleand Banned Baby Names


King: 31

Princess: 28

Prince :27

Royal: 25

Duke: 10

Major: 9

Bishop: 9

Majesty: 7

J: 6

Lucifer: 6

Using brackets around middle names: 4

Knight: 4

Lady: 3

Using back slash between names: 8

Judge: 3

Royale: 2

Messiah: 2

T :2

I: 2

Queen: 2

II: 2

Sir: 2

III: 2

Jr: 2

E: 2

V: 2

Justus: 2


Constable: 1

Queen Victoria: 1

Regal: 1

Emperor: 1

Christ: 1

Juztice: 1

3rd: 1

C J: 1

G: 1

Roman numerals III: 1

General: 1

Saint: 1

Lord: 1

. (full stop): 1

89: 1

Eminence: 1

M: 1

VI: 1

Mafia No Fear: 1





* (asterisk symbol):1

5th: 1

S P: 1

C: 1

Sargent: 1

Honour: 1



MJ: 1

Chief: 1

Mr: 1

V8: 1

President: 1

MC: 1

Anal: 1

A.J: 1

Baron: 1

L B: 1

H-Q: 1

Queen V: 1

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