05/02/2013 02:26 EDT | Updated 05/02/2013 02:54 EDT

World's Most Dangerous Music: Karaoke Killings, Evil Instruments, Pyro Pop And Suicidal Songs


Music has a peculiar power.

It's long been known that listening to classical music — the Mozart Effect — can help students preparing for exams. And a gardening expert recently discovered that plants actually become stronger and more disease resistant if they're exposed to Black Sabbath's "Sweat Leaf" and other rockers.

But much in the same way that for every noble jedi knight there's an evil sith lord running around, music can also harvest the powers of darkness.

From feuds, to suicide, to murder, music has been linked to violent behavior throughout time and some types of music and instruments have even been said to drive people insane.

Below are 10 examples of the dangers of music:

Dangerous Music