05/03/2013 09:42 EDT

Keanu Reeves Wears Dirty Shoes To 'Generation Um' Premiere (PHOTOS)

What does it take to get Keanu Reeves to wear some decent footwear? Apparently, it doesn't.

The "Matrix" star showed up at the "Generation Um" red carpet premiere on Thursday wearing dirty, scuffed up boots. Um, Keanu? Is it too much to ask to wear shiny, clean shoes at a fancy event?

Fortunately, Reeves tried a bit harder above the ankle. The 48-year-old Canadian looked positively dapper in a checked grey suit and matching v-neck t-shirt.

Wearing his trademark scruffy beard and long hair, the "Speed" actor hasn't aged a day since he burst onto the scene with a breakout role in 1989's "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."

Keanu has also become one of one many actors to take their talents behind the camera. The "Point Break" star is putting his "Matrix" kung-fu knowledge to good use for his directorial debut, the martial-arts movie "Man of Tai Chi."

What do you think of Keanu Reeves' outfit?

See more of Keanu's laid-back style:

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