05/03/2013 05:19 EDT | Updated 07/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Kingsway Garden Mall Shooting: Man Shot By Police In Serious Condition

EDMONTON - Police confronted and shot a bleeding, knife-wielding, agitated man in the parking lot of a downtown Edmonton mall.

An electrician who was working at Kingsway Garden Mall says the man left the mall and approached a woman.

"She offered help and he was really nice to her, polite and everything," said Les, who wouldn't give his last name.

"He was walking away, so she called 911 because of the blood, and the police showed up, five or six of them surrounded him at gunpoint. They gave him orders to drop down to the ground, he didn't obey them. He was just basically evading them."

"He was barefooted, dazed, confused, or whatever you want to call it."

Les said police pepper sprayed the man several times, and when that didn't stop the man, police shot him and the man went down.

"They were giving him orders to drop his weapon, drop down to the ground and he wasn't listening or obeying orders at all," Les said.

Sarah Jackson with the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team says the agency is handling the investigation.

"ASIRT's mandate is to conduct an independent, objective and thorough investigation into this incident, Jackson said.

She urged anyone with information to contact ASIRT.

Kingsway Mall said in a statement that the centre is open and is a safe place to be.

The 31-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

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