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Susannah Collins Fired After 'Tremendous Amount Of Sex' Gaffe

On Tuesday, Susannah Collins fumbled while on live television.

The Comcast SportsNet (CSN) Chicago reporter was filming her on-air segment on the Chicago Blackhawks when she said the team was having "a tremendous amount of sex."

She meant “success.”

Collins realized what she had said a mere second later and corrected herself, but on Thursday the network fired her, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The video of her slip-up went viral, even making it to the “Tonight Show”, and now stands at 1.4 million views. It was uploaded on April 30.

But Collins’ firing wasn’t related to the on-air gaffe, at least that’s what CSN Chicago’s vice-president and general manager says.

Collins’ firing may be related to a YouTube series, called Sports Nutz, she co-hosted between 2009-10, according to the Tribune.

The 16-episode series mixed raunchy and lowbrow humour with what could be loosely described as sports journalism — episode 12 involves Collins and her co-host Sam, tucked in bed, reading excerpts from sports writer Jeff Pearlman’s book, “Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty.”

Collins was hired by CSN Chicago in September 2012, after “Sports Nutz” came to a finish.

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