05/04/2013 08:23 EDT | Updated 07/04/2013 05:12 EDT

Warm, sunny weather continues through Sunday

More good weather is on its way this weekend.

Expect a sunny, windy and even warmer Sunday, with temperatures in the high 20s near the South Coast. Temperatures will reach 27 C inland and into the B.C. Interior.

The warm temperatures also comes with a handful of warnings.

The River Forecast Centre says the first spring snow melt is beginning, with rivers expected to rise on Vancouver Island, in the Greater Vancouver area and in the Fraser Valley over the next few days.

But, no flood warnings or advisories are in effect as the major rivers are not expected to reach their peaks for another month or so.

B.C. conservation officer Jack Trudgian warns that more animals, including bears, may start coming out of hibernation this week.

"Garbage is the biggest issue this time of year when the bears are starting to come out," he said.

"If you have garbage... don't start to put it out until the morning of pickup. Also any type of smell, smelly garbage, freeze it until the day you take the garbage out."

Warmer weather also means more people will be leaving their windows open.

Lisa Page, a paramedic with BC Ambulance Service, tells CBC News parents need to keep an eye on children who might get too close to open windows or balconies.

Caregivers should ensure proper safety latches are installed and that climbing hazards near windows and balconies are removed.

"A screened window may appear to be a barrier but it is not fall protection for children," Page said.

BC Children's Hospital reports two children this spring and at least 10 children last year were taken to hospital as a result of falling out of windows.